How to Make Baby Passport Photos

Taking good baby passport photos can be tricky. It would be easier to take baby passport photos at home than taking the baby to a studio and take photo. Besides following the general passport photo guidelines,  there are some other important tips to help get the compliant baby passport photos.

Baby Passport Photo Guidelines

A baby passport photo must meets the following requirements:
  • The baby should look straight at the camera. Both ears should be visible.
  • The baby should have a neutral expression.
  • The baby should close mouth, not smiling.
  • Both eyes should be open and clearly visible.
  • The background should be white or off-white, or of constant light colors such as cream, light blue or white.
  • Photo should be taken in bright room. There should be no shadows across or behind the face.
  • There should be no other objects on baby's face or background, such as toys, parent's hands, hat, baby's hand over face, blanket on face.
  • Photo should be sharp and clear.

Baby Passport Photos

Tips on how to take the perfect baby passport photo

  1. Lay white or light color baby quilt or blanket in a bright room or other places with good lighting.
  2. Lay the baby on the quilt or blanket. Stretch the quilt or blanket to get constant plain background.
  3. Ensure baby is looking straight at the camera with eyes open, mouth closed and not smiling, and both ears visible. You can hold a toy (especially toy with sound) near the camera to draw the baby's attention to look straight and both eyes open.
  4. DO NOT use flash light. Flash light will cause shadow behind the head.



After taking the photo, make baby passport photos on our website. Just upload photo, crop photo and you will get multiple passport photos with correct size on a 4R sheet.


Make baby passport photos


Usually baby passport photo requirements are not so strict. If you manage to meet the passport photo requirements above, you will get acceptable baby passport photos.