New Zealand Passport (paper applications) Photo Requirements

Your photo must meet these requirements whether it is digital or paper. It needs to be taken within the last 6 months.

Photo requirements

  • No background shadow. Stand half a metre away from the background so you don't get a shadow.  
  • Have a gap around the head. It helps if you can show part of the shoulders and have space above the head. 
  • Eyes in full view. You can wear glasses but the rims cannot hide part of the eyes. 
  • No glare. If your glasses create a glare, take them off. 
  • Neutral expression. No smiling. 
  • Face in full view. Nothing (like a hat, hood, scarf) should hide any part of the face. 

Framing the photo

Refer to Figure 1 (below) for help with correct framing of the subject. Use values for A, B, C and D to correctly position the head. Frame the photo so that:

  • The subject is centred with the midpoints of the mouth and nose lying on an imaginary vertical centreline.
  • The length of the head is equal to A
  • The width of the head is equal to B
  • The eyes are positioned between points C and D
  • Ensure there is a clear gap (visible background) around the entire head, including the hair and/or ears.

Image showing head and shoulders photo where head takes up approx 70% of the pho

Figure 1 - Framing the subject

Digital photos

You need:

  • file type - .JPG or .JPEG

  • file size - between 250 KB to 10 M

  • aspect ratio  - 4:3

  • pixels - no less than 1200 wide by 900 high or no greater than 6000 wide by 4500 high (show diagrams)

Image of aspect ratio 4:3

Rotate the camera or mobile phone for a portrait photo.

Image of a camera that is rotated for a portrait photo

Paper photos

You need:

  • aspect ratio  - 4:3

  • two identical photos


Make New Zealand Passport (paper applications) Photos